Artist Spotlight


Step into the world of Trenise ‘Tree’ Williams, a remarkable artist making waves in Renton! Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Tree migrated to Seattle in 2016, immersing herself in the city’s rich artistic landscape. With a background in graphic design and a passion for community activism, Tree’s journey led her to the forefront of art and social change.

From volunteering as an art docent at local schools to creating murals during the Black Lives Matter movement, Tree’s artistic journey is infused with purpose and passion. She masterfully blends mediums like charcoal, acrylic paint, and digital media to explore themes of Black culture, justice, and nature.

Join us in celebrating Tree’s impactful work and journey as an artist. Read the full article to discover her inspiring story, memorable moments as a teaching artist, and the significance of her murals in Renton. Plus, learn about her upcoming projects and the powerful role of art in fostering empowerment and self-expression.

📖 Read the full article here: ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: TRENISE ‘TREE’ WILLIAMS

Let’s support Tree and celebrate the transformative power of art in our community!