Download the NEW VisitRenton App!

Renton announces a the new Visit Renton App!

New stores are popping up every day, the calendar is full of exciting events and the City is rich with history and culture.  Renton is just waiting to be discovered! With a wonderful combination of culinary delights, vibrant public art and hidden gems, the City is filled with places that each have something exciting to offer. From relaxing with a cup of coffee and pastry and exploring South Renton’s hydrant art, to celebrating community events and markets, the list of must do’s grows daily. To help you find your way, the City has just released the VisitRenton mobile app!

This travel assistant app, will help you have the ultimate adventure during your Renton exploration. With many useful features and extensive content, the VisitRenton app will be your insider’s guide to get to know your Renton. It’s helpful tools, such as maps and tours, will make navigating a breeze. Experience events that are unique to Renton with seasonal tours for holiday shopping, the downtown wine walks, and more.   Use Guided Tours to organize activities and find the best local restaurants and public art throughout the City.  Download VisitRenton for free on the App Store or Google Play to enjoy everything that your Renton has to offer.