Community Spotlight: Rock in Rolling Hills!

Rock in Rolling Hills!

With all of us feeling a little cooped up, taking walks has become a favorite pastime. To add to the pleasure of strolling the Rolling Hills neighborhood, residents have been painting rocks and then tucking them in along the walk. “It’s like a little treasure hunt,” said Diane Cooper. “Especially for the kids. They love hunting for the rocks.”

Before the pandemic, Cooper and her sisters would gather monthly to do crafts. She eventually got her 10-year-old granddaughter involved when they spotted painted rocks themselves. Inspired by what they saw along their walks, the Coopers started painting their own rocks. “We have had so much fun coming up with themes, like foxes, hearts, rainbows, and ladybugs. It’s just uplifting to know we can put a smile on someone’s face.”

Now other families are painting and hiding rocks in the neighborhood. Some rocks are even relocated for extra sleuthing fun.

Charles Bessler and his family had been doing chalk art when he saw painted rocks on social media. Soon after that, they started spotted them in their neighborhood. Wife Danelle and daughter Aliva started getting really involved in the project and when Charles saw how much fun they were having, he joined in. In addition to inspiring messages, the trio painted all kinds of different designs – including a whole batch of 12th Man-themed rocks. “It’s a great family activity. We’ve really enjoyed using our creativity and working together,” he said. “It’s just something cheerful and it boosts spirits during this long quarantine.”

They’re rocking and rolling in Rolling Hills!