River Days VIRTUAL Art Market

The Renton River Days Art Market has gone virtual!

While we may not be able to meet in person for the annual fanfare and festival, it is still possible for us to unite as a community and support our local artists.  Below are some artists and vendors you may remember from previous years. We encourage you to visit their websites and consider making a purchase.

This page will be updated as we get more artists interested, so bookmark this site and keep coming back!

Click the artist names to see their work, learn their story and buy their art.

Art Escapes, Inc

Hand-painted small and miniature impressionistic style original paintings of watercolors, acrylic and ink inspired by Seattle, city scenes, landscapes, floral, and animals. Contact the artist at art.escapes@comcast.net.

Morning Dew Candles

Our business has grown along with our creativity over the past years. We are able to craft highly-scented, long/even burning & eye-pleasing Candles. Our original paint can lanterns are hand-torched creating one-of-kind artwork that's useful. Hand-etched personalized candles make a gift even more special. We have our own wax recipe that blends both paraffin & soy wax together. We use 100% bleached cotton wicks, additives, liquid candle dye & hi-grade of scented oils.

Richard Jahn

I want my paintings to be entertaining and an expression of who I am as a person. I see being an artist as more of a state of being than just a skill of making nice looking things. I want people to feel a connection with me as the artist both from the subject matter and from the energy I put into each brush stroke. I try to keep my theme relevant to who I am and the places I see - the Pacific Northwest - My art is constantly changing, always evolving, always trying new things, never staying the same.

Crafty Sisters

Scientists by day, crafters by night, we enjoy creating unique gift options. Here you will find our selection of handcrafted cards and jewelry. If you're looking to have something special made or have jewelry that needs repairs, please keep us in mind!

Drawn 2 Draw

Philip Mack stumbled across pencil drawing by accident. At the age of 28 He had been working in the Construction field for a decade and had been noticing the toll it was taking on his body. Birthing from a dispute with his friend and tattoo artist over how his female portraits hair should fall, the artist told him to come back with a drawing on what he had meant. Not knowing anyone who could draw, he searched YouTube and began sketching what he thought the hair should look like. The tattoo was finished, aided by Philip's sketch but the friendship was over between him and his artist. Philip commonly refers to this dispute as the focal point when art was put on his radar and set plans in motion that would ultimately change his life.

Heavenly Soap

All of our products are made in small batches with love. My products are natural. There are no colors or chemicals in any of my products. I purchase only the best ingredients from across the United States. My customers tell me this is the best soap they have ever used. Shop local at our retail store or have your order shipped to your door. Smell Goodness Delivered - We strive to ship all orders withing 24 hours. Most orders will ship Priority Mail.

Kellan & Keira - Be Unique... Be Fun...Be You!

Kellan & Kiera earrings and accessories are unique and fun! We designed them for you to wear front and back or you can wear only the front part for your minimalist pieces. Our earrings are Hypoallergenic and hassle free. Ideal for sensitive ears and skin with surgical grade stainless steel. Pair them with your simplest outfit and be prepared for the compliments to start rolling in. With seasonal and everyday designs, these hand-painted enamel earrings will cheer up even your most basic day. Kellan & Keira bags, pouches, and cases were designed to work together, keeping your things separated, organized, and easy to find. No one likes to dig through their suitcase at the airport, searching for their passport or hunt through the bottomless diaper bag. Kellan & Kiera bags, pouches, and cases make it easy to organize your stuff, and they stand the test of time. Plus, our unique and fun designs will brighten your day!

KT Photography

Prints of landscapes, flowers, scenes of old-world buildings in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. Also local birds and animals. Wall art is offered in matted format, float frame, or just the print.