Downtown Hydrant Art Walk

Practice Social Distancing Creatively

Take a walking tour!  The full tour and walking instructions for the South Renton Hydrant project can now be downloaded directly to your phone.

The tour will be available on the VisitRenton mobile app for the public to explore as they walk or drive by, and to keep downtown top of mind all year long.

Download the app today and start your tour of the hydrants anywhere in Downtown, or from the comfort of your couch!

Tips for getting the most out of your tour

Make sure to switch maps from offline to online maps if you plan to use your app to explore while you’re walking around downtown. When you are in the Storefront Art Walk tour select the map icon in the top right corner. When the map opens, select the stacked squares on the bottom of the screen, turn your maps from offline maps to online maps to view the detailed maps.  Visual instructions are below.