New Developments for Old City Hall

Mayor Law recently signed an agreement to transform the former city hall site at 200 Mill into a mixed-use development.


The project has been designed by Cosmos Development, a Bellevue real estate development company. The proposed site features two market-rate apartment buildings, underground parking, and a 150-room hotel. Design goals of the site plan work toward the vision of the Civic Core Vision and Action plan by connecting the Cedar River, Liberty Park, and the Renton Library to the downtown. These connections will be guided by enhanced access, visibility, and connections to surrounding natural, civic, and cultural amenities.

The decision to move forward was recommended by City Council at a Committee of the Whole meeting earlier this month where they presented materials on the project and proposed a development agreement. According to the presentation materials, the development is projected to begin construction in 2022 and add over 600 jobs to Renton’s workforce.

Now that the agreement has been approved, the next steps for the project include coordinating interests with the Library and rooftop tenants.



Current 200 Mill Building



Proposed development for 200 Mill site