Renton Art Grants

Grant Program

The RMAC grant program offers grants to individuals, organizations and community groups for arts and culture projects and events that serve the general public in Renton. We encourage innovative projects by artists and communities that fill in cultural gaps and inspire new forms of creative participation, particularly for underserved groups.

These flexible grants are designed to create access for individuals and groups not served by our annual Community Arts Support Program.

  • Applications are reviewed four times a year: October, February, May, and August.
  • The deadline for grant applications for 2023 funding are:
    • October 13, 2022 (for review in December 2022)
    • February 3, 2023 (for review in March 2023)
    • April 21, 2023 (for review in June 2023)
    • July 21, 2023 (for review in September 2023)


  • Applications received later than the posted deadlines will not be considered for support until the following quarterly review meeting.
  • Notification of grant decisions will be sent by e-mail no later than the end of the month in which the Arts Commission has met to hear the recommendations from the Grants Committee.

2023 RMAC Grant Guidelines

All applicants must submit a 2023 Application Budget form with their submission.